Why didn't you leave?

I hear it often. Many times before the war, at the beginning, now...

I want everyone to understand my attitude to this.

Everything I have. All my achievements and the opportunity to create cool results, it all happened 99% HERE, in Ukraine.

All the difficulties and all the joys were provided to me by the environment with which I grew up and became established. The places where I mined resources, built and lost it all happened HERE, in Ukraine.

Vymex, as a project and as a solution, was also born thanks to everything I lived HERE.

With our project and this level of the team, we could have hooked up a lot of money in the West a long time ago, because investors there are waiting for such things, but we did not succumb to these easy options…

We changed our investment methods in order to remove the influence of any kind of funds, which also has a thin thread running out of the country.

We raised over 1,027,000 $ for 2021 and will raise another 1,100,000 $ for 2022. These are all private investors from Ukraine, just because I originally wanted all the profits and taxes from it to stay HERE.

Now the President has shown that he too is willing to stand up for his past HERE and for the future of Ukraine! Special thanks for his humanity and courage! He is not my sixth, but my first!

Now I'm definitely not going anywhere until the last minute!

I, as a human being, cannot ignore such a thing. I would have no respect for myself if I left everyone who had influenced what I have in such a moment. Yes, and I would not be able to miss an event of this level of injustice that the Russian government has created. I understand those volunteers from other countries who came to support our goals)

I am very grateful to everyone and everything that I have lived and I can't let it go. It's just not fair to the past and to my history, which began in Ukraine in 1991.

I'm not saying I have it HERE and it will end, but at a difficult time for all those who have me and all my results thanks to. I will do everything in my power to make HERE good)

We are now on our invisible IT front and will not retreat from it until we win! And in parallel, we still continue to build Vymex, because it will help greatly to strengthen Ukraine after the war and give mankind a better chance in the future.

Everything will be Ukraine! HERE will be a very good thing!

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