Open lecture by Sasha Kim about the importance of design for modern business.

On November 12, an open lecture about the value of design in modern business by Alexander Kim (Chief Designer in Vymex) was held in the Kooperativ workspace. The lecturer chose the topic of conversation based on the relevance of design as one of the key factors for success (or failure) of a particular business.

Alexander Kim is a specialist with over 10 years of experience in the field of design, who has gone from web design to commercial one. Managed to work in Vintage web studio, Facility creative agency. Among the projects: L'Officiel, 1+1, Credit Agricole, G-Shock, Subaru. Founder of own design studio Arxel. He teaches on two design courses at Projector Institute.

Is design important for modern business? It may seem that the answer suggests "yes", and this lecture could end. But Sasha dug deeper and raised questions during the presentation:

  • what is design from a business point of view and how does it affect the sale of goods/services?
  • why good design is expensive and how to understand that it is really good one?
  • what is the value of freelance designers and how to find the “right” specialists for project?
  • how to set up a command post based on the priorities of quality, cost, time?

Sasha Kim also touched upon the issue of communication with designers. For the presented audience, he showed his own model of working with design specialists, in which he clearly and to the point set all accents regarding the search for a common language between a customer and a performer (designer).

Everyone should understand that any design should be built from the foundation, maintaining integrity and consistency throughout the product architecture. Sasha also adheres to this judgment: his work at Vymex became a clear example of this approach. Over the course of four months, he and his design team have created an original and complete design system that reveals the values, idea and mission of Vymex.

At the lecture end, Sasha Kim expressed three main tips for working with design:

  1. Do not skimp on yourself and your project.
  2. Delegate and trust.
  3. Be open for new things.

The full video of lecture will appear soon on the corporate YouTube channel of Vymex. Follow us.