Meeting of CEO Vymex and entrepreneurs of Club100.

On October 26, in Kiev, a closed meeting of Club100 members with Ruslan Yumagulov, CEO & Product Owner Vymex, took place. A community of one hundred entrepreneurs was seriously interested in the product, which was the reason for visit.

We responded to the club's invitation for a reason, as we saw this as a kind of challenge. Considering that many of those who present at the meeting are successful people and are interested in new it solutions, we were sure that Vymex would shake their usual methods of building and running a business.

Over the course of two hours, in the format of a conversation has happened a lot, namely:

  • there was a junction of two worlds: the world of adherents of the functional method and the world of followers of the architectural method – it was necessary to reduce the understanding of the results, structuring, processes and resources to a single denominator
  • at the beginning, for each thesis of Ruslan, there were 3-4 questions from the club members, which significantly raised the degree of the atmosphere – as the conversation went on, the questions became much less
  • someone ran out of arguments in defense of the usual business building, while someone's passion and interest in Vymex was only gaining momentum (they took an active part in the debates with the aim of fully understanding the product, its global goals and mission)

The meeting with Club100 showed a clear picture of how difficult it is for today's entrepreneurs to “get on a new track”. Someone came as close as possible to understanding Vymex, someone remained unconvinced (probably due to their conservative approach to business).

And in both cases, this is a good practice for us and our company, as it helps segment the entire audience and clearly outline our own one. With each such event, we are convinced:

  1. Our audience is a micro and small business striving to give maximum results.
  2. Our message is “without understanding the results, new opportunities will not open to you”.
  3. Our global goals exceed commercial goals.

Both sides enjoyed the meeting and proved themselves to be professionals in their field. All the arguments for and against have been raised and put forward through the prism of individual resources to achieve their own goals, and that's okay. Our target segment is proactive people with fresh look and determination who share and understand our goals.

We are always ready to present a product for such entrepreneurs and investors. To leave a request for an individual presentation from Ruslan Yumagulov, fill out a small form on our site and expect the feedback.