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Interview for the EASE (European Association for Software Engineering)

Recently, Vymex became a resident of the "European Association Of Software Engineering" EASE. This is a community of more than 4000 representatives of the it-sphere of Ukraine and Europe, who work in the direction of Software Development, UI / UX Design, Hardware, robotics, EdTech, cybersecurity, etc.

On this occasion, Lyubov Mochalova, CEO of EASE, interviewed the Vymex team – in particular, Ruslan Yumagulov (CEO) and Volodymyr Yukhymenko (Head Of Marketing). After several hours of fruitful conversation, it turned out to get to know not only each other better, but also to know the product.

During the interview, they discussed:

  • why a young startup Vymex is working at Kooperativ
  • what is Vymex and how it will be useful for business
  • the concept of a structural unit and its place in any business
  • how the product will be promoted from a marketing point of view
  • why Vymex has no competitors and analogues
  • description of position in Vymex using the example of a CEO position
  • what is company architecture and architectural method
  • 2 mathematical formulas that explain any result
  • what are the prospects and goals of Vymex for the next few years

Would you like to interview Ruslan and Vladimir and find out more details about Vymex? In this case, send a letter with contact information to our email info@vymex.com and we will consider your proposal.