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Dmytro Nesterenko
Product Manager


Has an impressive experience in product management. Implemented new functionality into existing products based on results of experiments. Engaged in product research of competitors and the market, in functional improvements; generated ideas based on his own experience and trends. Worked with projects such as AltereEgo, Uployal, Aurora Technologies.

Area of responsibility.

Management of the main part of the product – «Career Management»: this implies making a description of the current product and replenishment of new functionality. To collect all the data, required for the implementation of the functionality, he maintains close communication with developers, engineers, and designers.

Contribution to the project.

Implemented an improved product functionality (design and description stage). Took an active part in creating a clear display of the already implemented functionality in the design system.

Key human resources.

  • personal efficiency and time management
  • ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • sociability
  • attention to details

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