vCO-F: Vymex - results management ecosystem

Maximum effective and easy share management.

This product will completely regulate business partnerships, because as the management of company shares is implemented in one app.

Manage your company share

Manage your share inside the app.

You can give your share to someone else. Simply select the right person from the list of suggestions, specify the size of the share to be transferred, and confirm the action. These are all the steps to complete the process.

Co-Founder Environment

Co-Founder Environment

The co-founders of the company have a common environment to discuss, clarify information, and have weight in decision-making. Ask questions to better understand current company information.

Company Result

Company result in one widget.

All the company results a co-founder needs are compiled in one widget. The system will reflect past fact, future assumption and present result.

Own, observe, decide.

By properly structuring the company, you minimize the involvement of the co-founders in the project activities. The job of the co-founders is to invest resources in the company, observe the results, and make a profit. Also to have the functionality to sell their share to another person. All this is now available in one mobile application with a high level of user data protection.

No one knows
your goals, resources, and results except you.

Controlling your resources, in the form of companies, will completely change after vCo-f.
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